Ideally you should start looking for your dress about 12 month before your wedding.This may seem like a long way from your big day but there are so many dresses in so many differnt styles that you need to give yourself chance to have a good look around and try lots on and then begin to narrow your search and know that you have found your perfect dress.

As soon as you have found your dress you should get your order started.We will measure you when you first order your dress and then pre-order it with the designer, we will then call you back in about 6 months before your wedding to re-measure you and then order the size we need your dress to be made to, from this measurement it will take on average about 4 months for your dress to come in to the shop

The first thing to say is don’t panic. Most companies will offer a rush cut service or have some dresses on a lower lead time where we can get dresses in a 4 week delivery. Even in very last minute purchases there may be a dress in stock at the manufacturers that we could get in for you or we do have a small selection of dresses that we sell of the peg for last minute brides.

We recommend that as soon as you have your dress ordered then make a start on the bridesmaid dresses and mother-of-the-bride as they take the same time to order and this also will help you with other things such as colour schemes, once you have ordered your bridesmaids dresses we will be able to get you a fabric swatch sent in if you need one this is free of charge

as for the grooms wear once again you can order as soon as you want to get the paper work filled in and choose what you want them to wear but we wont need the men in to be measured until 2 months before the wedding

You will be asked to pay 50% deposit a the time of ordering and the final 50% once your gown arrives in the shop. This helps spread the cost for you and makes paying for the big day a bit easier, we will also offer a payment plan to help spread the cost if you order your gown well in advance.

Yes! The measurements we take help us to order your dress in the correct size but we can do lots of alterations to your dress once it arrives in the shop. Our seamstresses will be able to make your dress quite a bit smaller without it altering the shape of the dress in anyway

However you need to be aware that once our in house seamstresses begin to alter your dress we will ask you to try and maintain the same weight. This will be about four weeks before your wedding and the reason for this is that we want your dress to fit you perfectly on your big day

As soon as your dress arrives in the shop we will phone you and let you know it has arrived. At this point we will book you in to try the dress on and have one of our seamstresses here to see if there is any alterations that need doing and if you want us to do them this will be your first fitting. You will need to bring your wedding shoes with you and the underwear you will be wearing on the day as this will help us with you fitting and we cannot do your fitting without them

You will also need to pay the finall 50% of your dress at this point as we cannot do any alterations with out the dress being paid for in full

We will keep your dress at the shop for as long as you want us to most brides collect there dress the day before the wedding there is no extra cost for storage. However if your dress needs altering and you want to take it somewhere closer to where you live thats also fine.

When you book your collection we will steam your dress and give it to you in one of our wedding dress bags

Yes alterations are extra on top of the cost of your dress. most dresses will need some alterations most commonly this is bust and hem. we have a set cost for these alterations and they do not increase with the amount of visits you make

If there are other changes you would like made to your dress our talented seamstresses are happy to help whether its a lace-up back or sweet heart neckline to adding more beads to your dress this can all be done for you we will advise you on what would look best and give you a idea of cost.

As with everything to do with weddings our motto is ‘the sooner the better’ once you have ordered you are guaranteed to get exactly what you want on your big day

If there are any other questions you would like to ask either call us or email we are here to help you as much as we can to make sure you have the perfect dress and the perfect day